Why people enjoy smoking from a bong?

March 22, 2017

Some new to smoking are curious about the bong, they can’t understand why some stoners enjoy smoking from a bong. Hasmoke will list two basic reasons to explain this.

Why Bongs are Awesome
1. It gives a smoother hit.
Whether it’s through the pipe or a joint, smoking weed can be harsh on a person’s throat and/or lungs. The reason why people get that awful painful sensation in their throat is because of the heat. When people inhale smoke through a joint or a pipe, the smoke’s temperature is actually quite high. It’s the reason why smoking from a joint or pipe, especially for first-timers, can be so rough.
A bong is different simply because the water in it cools down the smoke. Lowering the smoke’s temperature makes for a very mild hit that doesn’t do a lot of damage on a person’s throat or lungs.

2. It makes the owner look like he really knows his stuff.
Some people simply prefer bongs because hey, it makes them look like they really know their stuff. These are the enthusiasts. They are just so into smoking weed that they want to show that off by using a water pipe.

The above reasons are the basic. I think it can represent most opinions of these who like smoking from bongs. I want to remind taht enjoy doesn’t means addicte to it.Everyone can choose their favourite things in a legal way. Hasmoke has various cheap quality bongs, feel free to choose from our online shop.

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