What is the difference between Bong and Bubbler?

March 30, 2017

Do you know the difference between glass bongs and bubblers pipe? Hasmoke studies many good quality bongs and bubblers and lists some ideas to help you have a better understanding of them.

• Bongs are water pipes and operate upon the same principle as hookahs in many eastern countries for centuries

• Bubblers are similar to bongs except that they are very small in size and can be operated with a single hand by the smoker

• The internal water chamber in bubbler is very small and hence needs frequent cleaning unlike bongs that are large in size

• Bubblers are cheaper than bongs

• Youngsters prefer bubblers because of their compact size as they can be carried and hidden easily

If you have anything else want to share with us? Though the difference between them are small. we still need to learn them better, so that we won’t be laughed at friends.

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