The different types of Bongs

March 17, 2017

How much do you know about your bongs? Do you know the materials, the styles or the smoking accessories about your bongs? If not, i advise you spend some time learn more about it in detail. These tips will help you choose your favourite bongs and you won’t waste your money.

Each type of bong for sale has its own pros and cons. Knowing these pros and cons can help a smoker buy the right water pipe for them. Click over to herbtools – bongs and get yourself a bong delivered the very next day! Not many online headshops offer a service as quick as this without such low prices, so why shop anywhere else?

Plastic bongs are often made out of acrylic. Their plastic construction means that they are as scratch-resistant as glass, but aren’t as likely to break when they fall. Their durability and low cost are what make them such a favorite among most smokers.

Glass is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, kind of water pipe out there. There are plenty of different types of bongs for sale, but glass is often the choice of the common smoker simply because it offers the smoothest hit. In addition, it doesn’t carry with it the toxic risk that some people feel plastic water pipes do.

7 mm thick glass Straight glass bong with ice catcher diffused perc s22

7 mm thick glass Straight glass bong with ice catcher diffused perc s22

They’re fairly priced, too, but since they’re made out of glass, they’re more likely to shatter or break than their plastic counterparts.

Thailand, as most people don’t know, is the birthplace of the water pipe. Back in the old days, bamboo was what people used to create bongs. Today, some people prefer bamboo for the aesthetic appeal and the fact that they are just so cool to look at.

They’re durable, cheap, and have a long lifespan. Among the different types of bongs for sale, these stand out as being one of the few ones that’s made from organic material.


I love different styles, materials, even smoking accessories of bongs. I think every bong is the unique, it will wish they have its owner. It will be special for its master. So, take your time to find your special bong. Try youtr best to utilize them!

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