Take Really Big Hits from Hasmoke 5 Big Bongs

September 8, 2017

Sometimes size really does matter! Big bongs are amazingly impressive for so many reasons. Let’s face it – the taller your bong the more mighty it looks and the more it stands out against all the rest! Large glass bongs are great for increasing surface area for the smoke to flow over – this is great for cooling the smoke down for creating the ultimate smooth bong hit! Another great thing about owning a mammoth sized bong is that, the bigger it is, the more smoke it can physically hold, meaning you can take really big hits if you desire! Hasmoke Online headshop has many big glass bongs for sale online, let’s take a look!

1. Big Recycler Water Pipe with Honeycomb Perc

This huge water bong features a circ recycler, This process causes your vapor/smoke to pass through the perc multiple times for optimally filtered and diffused hits. it stands at 17″ tall and sits on a sturdy base. After lighting up, your smoke is lead in to a ring-perc and goes to the second chamber that has a stereo matrix perc, then the somke will travel in to the honeycomb perc with multi holes inside that provides amazing filtration and diffusion. There is a life buoy pattern at the top. This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates. Available in your choice of green or blue.

2. Double Arm Tree Perc Beaker Base Glass Ice Bong

The big water pipe looks so cool, Beautifully crafted double tree perc will keep the smoke super smooth. Features a stemless design. Double 6 arm tree percolators. 14mm Female Joint. 18mm to 14mm downstem. 14mm male dry bowl. Ice catcher notches. Thick lip. About 5mm thick tube means it is very heavy and high quality. Will come in a high-quality green color. Dimensions: Height of about 20 inches. Diameter of base is 5 inches. The diameter of water chamber is 2.2 inches. It is also made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This glass on glass pipe comes with a matching green colored bowl with green accent. The water pipe has a 8 arm or finger tree percolator. Each finger contains 3 tiny slots. The fingers force the smoke to go through a long path making it very smooth. Times that by 2 trees and this water pipe becomes a beast. Try and enjoy it ASAP! Features

3. Cyclone Helix Recycler Water Bong

The cyclone helix recycler water bong produces a clean, silky hit every time. Entirely clear glass, this water bong has a 14mm female joint that is supported by a sturdy Dewar’s joint. This water pipe features a multiple chamber recycler design that causes your vapor/smoke and water to loop in between the chambers before leaving the mouthpiece. This process causes your vapor/smoke to pass through the perc, or percs, multiple times for optimally filtered and diffused hits. This specific recycler is intended for use with both dry herbs and concentrates. The recycling process can happen up to two times to filter your smoke fully before it reaches the flared mouthpiece. This results in a less harsh inhale and a better taste. the functional design gives you a wonderful smoking experience.

4. Jim Flow Glass Recycler Oil Rig

This stunning 15-inch tall big bong looks beautiful with its green glass accents and comes packed with an array of amazing features. The solid borosilicate scientific glass bong features a reinforced fixed downstem with an 18.8mm female joint and has a stable circular foot. The bong is equipped with a slitted inline diffuser, an organ sprinkler percolator and a four-button percolator that all work together to provide incredible filtration, cleaning, and cooling of your hits. The bong works by pulling the bubbly smoke through the inline diffusers submerged slits from where it moves upwards into the organ sprinkler percolator for another round of filtration. The smoke is even further cooled and filtered as it’s drawn through the button percolator before exiting through the rimmed mouthpiece. This process is great to watch but more importantly, results in a perfectly smooth hit that is packed with flavor.

5. Big Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Water Pipe

This piece Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Water Pipe is an art work, If you’re looking for a piece that packs a punch but is also super smooth, this is the one for you. This 16 inch straight tube features not one but two 8 arm tree percolators for an insane amount of filtration. Above both percs sits a splashguard so no matter how hard you pull you’ll never get disgusting bong water in your mouth and just incase that not enough for you, it also has an ice catcher. The smoke passes through the ice and is cooled for smoother hits. The neck is decorated with a clustered marble design that looks great and provides extra grip!

Generally speaking, The big bongs can give you much more hit, some of them are an excellent art. Hasmoke has many kinds of big bongs for sale online. You can choose the most suitable size for yourself! Sometimes size really does matter! Big bongs are amazingly impressive for so many reasons. first, The huge or larger glass bong can stand out among the collection easily. second, the big size glass bong means the big surface area to smoke to flow over. this is great for cooling the smoke down for creating the ultimate smooth bong hit! third, the big glass bong also can hold more smoke, it means that you can take really big hits.

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