How To Buy A Glass Bong
Glass Bong Tips / October 10, 2017

Don’t know how to buy a suitable glass water bongs? Do you want to purchase the right glass bongs at the right price? If so, this guide was meant for you. Here you can learn how to find the best water pipe to suit your personal smoking needs, as well as your budget. There are a variety of different glass bongs and water pipes on the market today, and there are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing one. They also called weed bongs because Bongs are used to smoke marijuana or tobacco, and offer a smoother smoking experience than joints or standard pipes. This is because bongs are typically filled with water and/or ice, which cools down the smoke before it reaches your throat and lungs. It is possible to take large hits from a bong, meaning you will need fewer tokes overall compared to other smoking methods. This guide will show you, first of all, some of the main types of bongs that you can expect to find in your search, as well as the merits and potential weaknesses of each kind. Next, we will go over how to find the best store to…

Tips to Take Care of Your Glass Bongs and Water Pipes
Glass Bong Tips / September 27, 2017

I write the article to tell you how to clean your glass bongs water pipes really well. please don’t go on smoking your quality weed out of a dirty bong. Nothing ruins the taste more, It’s healthy to smoke from a clean weed bong. Glass Bongs and bubbler pipes are great; cleaning them, not so much. Some individuals with more cash than patience will even go so far as to buy a new bong instead of cleaning an old one. Most cannabis consumers won’t take things quite to that extent, but the fact of the matter is that there’s some truth to the dirty-bong-on-the-coffee-table stereotype: after all, depending on your methodology, removing resin from water pipes can range from inconvenient to impossible. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a chore. With a few preventative measures and the right cleaning products, crystal-clear glass can be the norm for your bongs and bubblers. The following guide will help you get your glass clean and keep it that way; below, you’ll learn about common glass complaints that can easily be avoided. Best Practices for Cleaning a Water Pipe 1. Pour out the dirty water and flush the inside of the bong or bubbler with…

Small Bongs: Attractive Features That Can’t be Ignored
Glass Bong Tips / September 21, 2017

The small bongs are cute and easy handling. Many women like them. They are appropriate for those who want to try their first bong, mini size, the tighten rubber grommet and the carb hole ensure the easy operation. Some people think the mini glass bongs are very common, but in fact, small water bongs are special in their own way, they can be made into the different shapes. Also, it also provides with great smoking experience because of the possibility of filtering smoke through water. These small glass bongs are utilized for a number of very clever reasons, not to mention that they have several distinct advantages over the larger glass bongs and dab rigs. For those simply using weed on a recreational basis or need to access medical marijuana discretely, these mini bongs are tiny enough to slip in a purse or small proof backpack, allowing them to be utilized just about anywhere. Make you travel a lot? Then a small bong is ideal for your needs, it can be hidden anywhere. Pricing of the Mini Bongs-Cheap Small Bongs There are many small bongs for sale online, One thing that you have to admit about the mini bong is the price…

Why are glass bongs for sale better than plastic ones?
Glass Bong Tips / September 19, 2017

Nowadays there are many bongs for sale online, the materials of bongs also discussed by many stoners. Smoking from a glass water bong is going to be a much better experience. But it doesn’t mean that it’s totally bad to smoke from a plastic bong and it’s always good to smoke from glass bongs. Hopefully, I can at least point you in the right direction or give you a better idea of what type of bong you’re looking for. Be careful when buying a glass piece just because of their breakability. There are many cheap glass bongs that are quite sturdy and ideal for casual, everyday use. Soft glass is generally a good thickness (but be cautious with setting it down too roughly because the glass is thinner in the blown-out bottom chamber). Glass straight pipes or beaker bongs are also fairly sturdy for frequent activity and for being passed hand to hand as long as the height isn’t outrageous. Inevitably, when thinking about glass bongs, you have to think about attachments: ash catchers, party bowl (male) pieces, extra percolators, single snap pieces, upgraded downstems (females), etc. I’ve seen stoners interchange and build on their attachments like legos. Of course,…

Online Head Shop Helps You Distingush Glass Bongs from Dab Rigs
Glass Bong Tips / June 21, 2017

At first glance, you will hard to distinguish glass bongs from dab rigs, a dab rig looks a little similar to a glass bong, but they really have some difference, the glass dab rigs are specialized for “dabbing”, they also called as oil rigs or concentrate rigs, stoners often use them to smoke a concentrate form of cannabis, oil, shatter,wax, etc. Hasmoke will outline some difference to help you clarify the two kinds of glass water pipes apart. Smoking Accessories —— Glass Smoking Bowl vs Nail The biggest difference between a bong and a dab rig has a lot to do with the product being smoked. With a bong, one would smoke dry herb. The herb would be packed into your bowl to be lit with a standard lighter. A dab rig however uses a “nail” instead of a bowl. The nail rests on the part of the dab rig called a glass joint. The nail itself is heated to very high temperatures using a hand torch, so that when the honey oil or wax is placed onto the nail the concentrated cannabis is vaporized before being inhaled. Size A glass bong is almost always going to be bigger than a dab…

How to dab smoking from a glass bong?
Glass Bong Tips / June 2, 2017

Do you want to smoke with weed from dab rigs? Maybe you don’t want to give up your glass water bongs and buy dab rigs specifically for dabbing, i advise that you can do some changes for your glass bongs. In this way,you don’t have to buy a new rig and you don’t have the risk that you don’t like it. Hasmoke can give you some advice and options. If you truly want to test out dabbing before committing to a new dab rig or a higher end nail, there are plenty of choices. Although quartz and ceramic nails can be cheaper than titanium nails, they are still durable and convenient for any level dabber. These options are simple to use. All you need is a water pipe, nail, carb cap, and torch. Torch the nail before adding your concentrates then add your wax or oil to the top of it. Although there are domeless nails, it is smart to grab a carb cap to trap any leftover vapor. Some carb caps even come with a dabber attached, which is used to apply your dabs to the heated nail. Hasmoke has plenty of sizes and options when it comes to choosing a dabber….

What Does Smoking Cannabis from Water Pipes Glass Bongs Makes You Feel?
Glass Bong Tips / May 4, 2017

Smoking cannabis from water pipes glass bongs is very different experence for different people. Cannabis has more than one name, it also also known as marijuana, weed, dope or grass. it’s widely used in the world. The comment of  smoking cannabis is also various, let’s talk about the effects and feeling of it objectively. The effects of cannabis vary from person to person: · some people may feel chilled out, relaxed and happy · others get the giggles or become more talkative · hunger pangs are common – this is sometimes known as “getting the munchies” · you may become more aware of your senses – colours may look more intense and music may sound better · it’s common to feel as though time is slowing down Cannabis can have other effects too: · it makes some people feel faint and/or sick – this is sometimes known as a “whitey” · it can make you feel sleepy and lethargic · some people find it affects their memory, making it harder to remember things · it makes some people feel confused, anxious or paranoid, and some experience panic attacks and hallucinations. These effects are particularly common with stronger forms of cannabis,…

the basic structure of glass pipes and bongs
Glass Bongs / March 28, 2017

The basic structure of a glass water pipe include bowl, carb, downstem, base and tube. I will introduce the importance of these basic structure to you! 1. Bowl The bowl is the enlarged attachment where the dried form of tobacco undergoes combustion. It is almost always detachable, permitting the function as a convenient pull-out or sliding carburetor. 2. Carb/Carburetor The carb which is an abbreviated form of the carburetor is a minute hole that enables the smoker to be able to clear the entire chamber of smoke. Generally, the most common form of carb that appears on glass bongs is a pull-out or slide-out carb, which is opened when the bowl is detached from the device. 3. Downstem The downstream is the minute tube that has the smoke travel conveniently from the bowl to the base, where it gradually filters through water and is purified. 4. Base The base forms the very foundation of a glass water pipe and comes in a variety of shapes, mainly based on the style of the bong. The chamber containing water is often shaped in the triangular or circular shape, in which the smoke is gradually cooled with its passage through the water. 5….

Professional Manufacturer Tells You The Usage of Bong!
Glass Bongs / March 8, 2017

Do you know how to use a bong? Maybe many people can do the right example. With the development of lifestyle, it’s common for smokers to use a bong. As the professional manufacture of glass bongs, hasmoke has the duty to popularize the knowledge about using a bong in few steps.Please follow me and learn carefully!Step 1. Fill the bong with water until it covers the downstem. Usually half of the water tank filled with water is fine. The more water you have the harder you will have to pull the smoke through. Temperature is not really important. You will figure out what is the best for you. It is also great to add few ice cubes to your bong. Its optional though but only for bongs with an ice holder. Step 2. Pull the bowl out of the bong, otherwise you could accidentally knock it and break, and pack it loosely with your favorite smoking herbs. Do not pack it too tight and over the top edge cause you wouldn′t get the air through it. Step 3. Put the downstem back in the bong and hold the bong securely in your hand. Step 4. Place your mouth over the…