Guide to Buying Dab Rigs and Knowledge of Cannabis Extracts
Glass Bong Tips / October 8, 2017

Stoners are familar with dab rigs, Glass dab rigs are specialized water bongs designed for vaporizing oil concentrates and wax. Once upon a time, buying cannabis oils for dabbing came down to choosing from a small selection, but today’s display cases are often loaded with dabs of all varieties as shops cater to increasing demand. If you’re new to dabbing, your head is probably spinning with questions about extract types, costs, and so on. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, and by the end of it, you should have a much better idea of what things to look out for when buying dabs. Keep in mind, this article focuses only on “dabbable” oils. If you’re brand new to dabbing altogether, don’t forget to read our blog how to make dabs. Dabbing Terms Having a grasp on some commonly used dabbing terms will go a long way as you deliberate over the glass dabbing case at your local dispensary or rec shop. This list of jargon may look long, but don’t worry – a lot of these are just different names for the same thing. Budder – Refers to extracts that take on a creamy, butter-like consistency….

Small Bongs: Attractive Features That Can’t be Ignored
Glass Bong Tips / September 21, 2017

The small bongs are cute and easy handling. Many women like them. They are appropriate for those who want to try their first bong, mini size, the tighten rubber grommet and the carb hole ensure the easy operation. Some people think the mini glass bongs are very common, but in fact, small water bongs are special in their own way, they can be made into the different shapes. Also, it also provides with great smoking experience because of the possibility of filtering smoke through water. These small glass bongs are utilized for a number of very clever reasons, not to mention that they have several distinct advantages over the larger glass bongs and dab rigs. For those simply using weed on a recreational basis or need to access medical marijuana discretely, these mini bongs are tiny enough to slip in a purse or small proof backpack, allowing them to be utilized just about anywhere. Make you travel a lot? Then a small bong is ideal for your needs, it can be hidden anywhere. Pricing of the Mini Bongs-Cheap Small Bongs There are many small bongs for sale online, One thing that you have to admit about the mini bong is the price…

How to Make Dab? And The Effect of Dab Smoking
Glass Bong Tips / September 11, 2017

In the past, Many stoners are curious about “dabbing”, in fact, it’s not so mysterious, after all, smoking dabs has become an important method of consumption of smokers, they are fond of dab rigs, The main reason to result in the mysterious of the dabbing is the difficulty of extraction methods, However, with the development of technology, the extraction methods also make a big step forward. Dab smoking is not difficult, A dab usually refers to a dose of concentrate that is heated on a hot surface, usually a titanium nail or ceramic nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig. If you are interested, you also need to know how to look for best dab rigs for sale online. It doesn’t sound so controversial in those terms, but dabbing has become somewhat of a dividing point within the community both because of the intense high that it produces and for the image that it presents to outsiders. While there are valid concerns to be addressed about the safety of the production and potential of popular concentrates, this new trend isn’t all bad. Here are the issues about dabs and how it might be benefit for the legalization movement. What…

Online Head Shop Helps You Distingush Glass Bongs from Dab Rigs
Glass Bong Tips / June 21, 2017

At first glance, you will hard to distinguish glass bongs from dab rigs, a dab rig looks a little similar to a glass bong, but they really have some difference, the glass dab rigs are specialized for “dabbing”, they also called as oil rigs or concentrate rigs, stoners often use them to smoke a concentrate form of cannabis, oil, shatter,wax, etc. Hasmoke will outline some difference to help you clarify the two kinds of glass water pipes apart. Smoking Accessories —— Glass Smoking Bowl vs Nail The biggest difference between a bong and a dab rig has a lot to do with the product being smoked. With a bong, one would smoke dry herb. The herb would be packed into your bowl to be lit with a standard lighter. A dab rig however uses a “nail” instead of a bowl. The nail rests on the part of the dab rig called a glass joint. The nail itself is heated to very high temperatures using a hand torch, so that when the honey oil or wax is placed onto the nail the concentrated cannabis is vaporized before being inhaled. Size A glass bong is almost always going to be bigger than a dab…

How to dab smoking from a glass bong?
Glass Bong Tips / June 2, 2017

Do you want to smoke with weed from dab rigs? Maybe you don’t want to give up your glass water bongs and buy dab rigs specifically for dabbing, i advise that you can do some changes for your glass bongs. In this way,you don’t have to buy a new rig and you don’t have the risk that you don’t like it. Hasmoke can give you some advice and options. If you truly want to test out dabbing before committing to a new dab rig or a higher end nail, there are plenty of choices. Although quartz and ceramic nails can be cheaper than titanium nails, they are still durable and convenient for any level dabber. These options are simple to use. All you need is a water pipe, nail, carb cap, and torch. Torch the nail before adding your concentrates then add your wax or oil to the top of it. Although there are domeless nails, it is smart to grab a carb cap to trap any leftover vapor. Some carb caps even come with a dabber attached, which is used to apply your dabs to the heated nail. Hasmoke has plenty of sizes and options when it comes to choosing a dabber….