Something You Need to Know about Glass Bongs

March 10, 2017

I believe that many people are in awe when they see the percolator glass bong for the first time.The color, the glass and even the sound of glass when you pat it.All of these are charming. I spend many time to learn it. now i want to share my learning outcomes with you.Do you think you are lucky? Yeah!

Try to Know Your Glass Bongs

Right after you buy your piece you’ll likely be swept away by its beauty. This is okay, but before your first session, take some time to know your piece a bit. Here are some things you should learn about it.

colored glass pipe with ice catcher arm tree perc 18 mm joint s39-9

colored glass pipe with ice catcher arm tree perc 18 mm joint s39-9

  • Know Your Downstem

Every bong has a downstem either built into the piece or made as a removable part of the whole unit. Whatever the case may be, know your downstem. Know the size of the
joint, know the length of it, know the angle, know what kind of diffusion it has. Not all these criteria will be important for all pieces, but the moment you walk into
a head shop and see a downstem you really love and you think it will fit perfectly with your bong, so you buy it and it does, you’ll thank me.

  • Know your joint size

Knowing your downstem’s size can sometimes be very different from knowing the size of your bong’s joint. Some have an 18mm joint with a downstem that converts it
from 18mm to 14mm. In that case, it would be worth knowing because you could ideally fit an 18mm bowl into your piece by bypassing the downstem, or you could just buy
a 14mm bowl. This greatly increases your options when buying accessories for your piece.

  • It’s fragile,Be Careful

You might be under the impression that glass bongs are supper durable. Maybe you’re just a bit more careless after a few rips. Whatever your situation, it’s important to keep this in mind: it’s glass! The whole damn thing is glass! When push comes to shove, it could have been blown by the Dalai Lama, it will break with a hard enough impact on ANYTHING. Does that include your dabber? Yup. How about your lighter? Yup. What about your face? You bet your ass it will! Take care when you handle your glass in all situations and make sure you have a ritual built into your sessions that protects your beautiful pieces of smokeable art. Otherwise you’ll become intimately acquainted with the concept of a “buzz-kill.”

After reading my blog, can you have a general idea about glass bongs? If so , you can buy a glass bong and study it at home. Recommend our website to you You can choose your favourite bongs at our online shop!

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