Small Bongs: Attractive Features That Can’t be Ignored

September 21, 2017

The small bongs are cute and easy handling. Many women like them. They are appropriate for those who want to try their first bong, mini size, the tighten rubber grommet and the carb hole ensure the easy operation. Some people think the mini glass bongs are very common, but in fact, small water bongs are special in their own way, they can be made into the different shapes. Also, it also provides with great smoking experience because of the possibility of filtering smoke through water.
These small glass bongs are utilized for a number of very clever reasons, not to mention that they have several distinct advantages over the larger glass bongs and dab rigs. For those simply using weed on a recreational basis or need to access medical marijuana discretely, these mini bongs are tiny enough to slip in a purse or small proof backpack, allowing them to be utilized just about anywhere. Make you travel a lot? Then a small bong is ideal for your needs, it can be hidden anywhere.

Pricing of the Mini Bongs-Cheap Small Bongs

There are many small bongs for sale online, One thing that you have to admit about the mini bong is the price is extremely low. This is not the device to be using when you have a huge gathering at a party. It is simply designed for one person to get a quick hit when needed. Small bongs are cheap due to their size, but used materials are high quality and the designs are fantastic. Water chambers are small, but still can hold sufficient amount of water to cool the smoke. The cost is often less than you would pay for a meal down at your local restaurant. They do range in size which affects the price slightly, but considering their power, you cannot beat the price for a quick buzz. Hasmoke online head shop has a range of bongs for cheap, browse category and choose the best bongs for yourselves.

Functionality of the Small Bong

Don’t let the word mini fool. this tiny bong still packs a huge punch. These smaller glass devices still have all the features you would find on the larger glass pipes, from the chillum, hollow foot, glass bowls, and downstream. The carb hole is going to be within easy reach, and these tiny bongs can be more attractive than their larger counterparts. Just imagine the best bong you have shrunken down to a mini version.

Not Your Average Pipe

Chances are that you are thinking because it is a mini bong that the pipe must be tiny. Although the size of the pipe is smaller, the only real drawback is the ability to be shared with others. These little guys are often hand-blown glass that can change color as the bowl is used more frequently. The size of the pipe provides you the same draw and tastes as their larger counterparts. The pipe still packs enough power to give a single user a quality superior.

Concealing Your Mini Bong

That is one of the biggest advantages to the mini bongs, the ease in which these little guys can be hidden. Whether you are bringing them back to the dorm room or a party, they can slip right into a coat pocket for easy concealment. By breaking up your buds in tiny pieces, you should never experience any issues with loading and cleaning. Fitting the buds into the bowl better means you will get a quality buzz each time you use your new mini bong. Forget about your concerns about getting a short draw with a mini bong, these little pipes are definitely not short on power. They are ideal for use as you would any of the larger water pipes or bongs, with the added benefits of easier cleaning, easier concealment, and lower cost. If you’re looking to take a solo flight today, then your journey needs to start and finish with the little mini water bongs.

In conclusion, small glass bong is also a good choice for some people.There is not anything wrong with the bongs themselves. We just choose the most suitable products according to our demands.

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