Share the Experience of First Do Dabs

March 15, 2017

Many smokers use glass bongs to satisfy themselves and get high, but i will share the experience of first do dabs with you. It’s a little exciting, Any legal subtance can be  dabbed, some people think dabs are the form of marijuana before.

So when I first tried dabs I used an oil rig, it was made from glass and was pretty big. Make sure you check local laws. Not quite as large as a bong but much bigger than a bubbler. The glass oil rig looked amazing and I could not wait to try it out, so much so I got a little carried away with my first dab. Whenever you come across this substance it is important to remember that it is an heavily concentrated form so a little bit will be extremely powerful. Because my glass oil rig looked so amazing I wanted to make sure I filled it with smoke and took a good hit; this was my first school boy error. I should of took my time, got to know the substance I was dabbing but instead I was overwhelmed by the fun technique used to dab and I went too far.

I was immediately light headed and felt a little sick, it was around 4 minutes later that I realised I had gone too far and inhaled too much smoke from my dabbing / concentrate rig; which is never a good idea considering the damage inhaling smoke does to your body. After half an hour I began to relax and feel much better and I actually was enjoying the sensation. For some new smokers it would of been enough to make them be sick and put them off doing dabs from oil rigs for good. But luckily for me I was able to manage to overcome the rookie mistake I made and enjoy myself.

Purple helix Glass bongs straight tube thick Perc glass water pipe tall hookahs recycle oil rigs 18mm female joint s213

Purple helix straight tube thick recycle oil rigs 18mm female joint s213

I want to give advice to people that we shouldn’t impress people according to smoking. If you really meet a attractive bong or glass oil rigs, you can try to get it and enjoy yourself at the right time and place. I will share other blogs about big or small glass bongs, all styles of glass oil rigs, and even some smoking accessories. please folllow me and you will learn more about smoking tools. Of course, you will get the high quality and low price online shop name, such as Our shop will always give you the big surprise!

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