Professional Manufacturer Tells You The Usage of Bong!

March 8, 2017
Best Quality Glass Bongs Cheap Water Pipes Mini Bubbler Glass s194

Best Quality Glass Bongs Cheap Water Pipes Mini Bubbler Glass s194

Do you know how to use a bong? Maybe many people can do the right example. With the development of lifestyle, it’s common for smokers to use a bong. As the professional manufacture of glass bongs, hasmoke has the duty to popularize the knowledge about using a bong in few steps.Please follow me and learn carefully!Step 1. Fill the bong with water until it covers the downstem. Usually half of the water tank filled with water is fine. The more water you have the harder you will have to pull the smoke through. Temperature is not really important. You will figure out what is the best for you. It is also great to add few ice cubes to your bong. Its optional though but only for bongs with an ice holder.

Step 2. Pull the bowl out of the bong, otherwise you could accidentally knock it and break, and pack it loosely with your favorite smoking herbs. Do not pack it too tight and over the top edge cause you wouldn′t get the air through it.

Step 3. Put the downstem back in the bong and hold the bong securely in your hand.

Step 4. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece, forming a seal.

Step 5. Light your herbs and in the same second start inhaling. Once the herb is lit, the bong will fill with smoke. Take a deep breath and pull the bowl out or uncover the carb hole. Immediately after the smoke gets into your mouth exhale. It is really not good to keep the smoke in your lungs.

Step 6. Pour away the water and clean the bowl properly for next use.

Yes, it’s just so simple! Can you use a bong now? Buy a bong and start enjoy your life. If you have any questions, feel free to make comment below. Follow our blog you can learn more about bongs.


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