Percolator Bongs: The Benefits and Types of Them

October 14, 2017

As we all know that glass water bongs are proven to give a smoother smoking experience when compared to a joint or pipe, stoners still want the smoke extra smooth, At first, I was amazed at how different the smoke felt, after buying my first percolator bong at an online headshop, I feel it’s really cool to use percolator bongs.

percolator bong

percolator bong

What does a percolator in a glass bong do?

The percolator is made from glass and is located in the main pipe of the bong. It collects the smoke into a small passageway and then splits the smoke several ways through small slits in the glass (known as diffuser slits). This technique massages the smoke and gives it a very unique feel when being inhaled. There are multiple different types of percs but they all have the same function in mind; making the smoke as smooth as possible for the user to inhale.

Should you buy a percolator bong?

Hell yeah! The percolator has become a big hit over the last five years and now come in a huge range of designs; you can even find them with up to 5 separate percolators stacked up! I have never met anyone who regretted switching over from a normal bong. If you do not want to pay out for a whole new pipe you could consider purchasing a precooler that incorporates a percolator, you can find a huge selection of these in many different colors over at or you can buy a percolator bong here.

How much should you expect to pay for a percolator bong?

Surprisingly you can find these awesome bongs are affordable, there are many cheap glass bongs for sale online, for the detailed glass work included on a percolator this is an absolute bargain! The prices can also easily exceed hundreds of pounds depending on things such as wall thickness and multiple percolators. For example, Hasmoke has a glass bong with a wall thickness of 7mm, it stands at a huge 85cm tall and includes 5x 10-Arm Tree Percolators!

what is the best type of percolator for sale?

I would say that the best type of percolator is the one that does the most work, after all, the point is not just to look super cool, the point is to make the smoke smoother. So I would say that Tree Percolators are hands down the best type you can currently buy. They come in different sizes, ranging from just 3 arms all the way to 18! Each arm normally has 3 diffuser slits at the bottom, so you can imagine just how much that smoke will be split.

When venturing out to find a percolator bong for sale you might notice things aren’t as straight forward as the good old days, not only are you greeted with a choice between materials but also modifications such as precoolers, additions such as percolators and even oil domes for the new concentrates era!

Different Types of Percolator Bongs

It can get very confusing for a newcomer, so I’ve put together this guide on percolator bongs to help people understand what a percolator does and how they work.

There are so many different types of percolators available, but the most popular types of percolators are:

Tree Percolator Bongs

Tree Percolator Bongs

Inline Percolator Bongs

Inline Percolator Bongs

Shower Percolator Bongs

Shower Percolator Bongs

What’s the Percolator Bongs and what are the benefits

The purpose of a percolator is to smooth and further cool down the smoke, each percolator does this in a slightly different way. You can find these percolator bongs at nearly any bong outlet online. Honeycombs force the smoke to split into hundreds of separate sections as it passes through the disc. The other types of percs do this too but normally the smoke only gets split into around ten different sections, but the benefit of the others is the extra surface area.
With tree and shower percolators you can normally fill them up with water, so a long with the percolator further cooling the smoke you get an extra mini water chamber, which helps to remove even more tars from your smoke. Also with these two types of percs, the smoke has to pass over a greater surface area of the glass, so if your water pipe has ice inside you will notice the surface area of the glass is a lower temperature than normal, helping to cool the smoke even more!

Ok, well currently for sale there are Drums, Frits, Turbine Discs, Spiral Diffusers and Domes. There is no limit to the intricate designs glower blowers are coming out with these days, which explains why they are getting so popular these days. Even old retired workers are using bongs! Percolators are not just found in bongs, but also accessories such as precoolers. A precooler is an additional water chamber that uses a glass on glass joint to connect to the bong, they often incorporate percolators inside their water chamber, painted in every colour you can imagine.

Generally speaking, percolator bongs help you personalize your bong and bring the user a way to cool the smoke! Every stoner, just enjoy youselves! If you want to know more about glass bongs, you can read the blog Something You Need to Know about Glass Bongs

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