Oil dab rigs need have the 5 basic things (looking for the best dab rigs for sale online)

August 5, 2017

Oil dab rigs can be converted to glass water bongs through glass smoking accessories easily, however, most bongs for sale online are not the best pieces for concentrates. The benefit of a glass water bong is to make the thick weed smoke soften, but concentrates are not as harsh in this way, If you want to buy concentrate rigs online for yourself, you need to keep in mind the 5 basic things, it can guide you to get the best dab rigs for sale online.

1. Small mouthpieces are the necessary to taste the vapor
When it comes to smoking flowers, a wide mouthpiece is preferred because the idea is to take a huge hit. Dabbing doesn’t involve pulling a bowl to clear the chamber because the nail allows air to constantly pass through unless a carb cap is being used. Therefore, a small mouthpiece won’t dampen your chances of finishing a dab, it will enable you to truly appreciate the taste of the vapor.

2. Smaller Rigs benefit for flavor
Even if you take monster globs, there’s no real reason to use a huge bong as a dab rig, because there’s constantly vapor pushing through the chamber. More volume means more room for the vapor to lose potency and dissipate from the oxygen. Seek out a glass that’s on the smaller side so that the taste and delivery of the dab are the best they can be.

3. Water filtration also plays an important role
If taking a dab out of a dry rig isn’t on your list of regrets, consider yourself lucky. Even though some rigs are meant to be used without water, it’s not advised to take a lung full of concentrates without allowing it to cool off through water first. In certain situations, like hiking, it’s useful to have the waterless glass for mobility and convenience, but not so much for everyday use.

4. The less percolation is better
Smoke can be harsh on the lungs and throat, but with the use of internal glass percolators, it’s possible to get a reasonably smooth hit. While water is certainly your friend for dabbing, unlike with flowers, very little percolation is necessary for concentrates. Two and four hole percolators are ideal setups because they don’t chop the water up too much, but definitely, cool of the dabs.

5. Glass joints should be taken into consideration
Anyone that has purchased a bong or dab rig before understands that not all glass joints are the same size. There are three common sizes—10, 14 and 18 millimeters—and a male and female type for each measurement. The size of the joint dictates the airflow, and the sex decides what kind of nail to buy. Ten millimeters be typically preferred for small rigs because there’s more restrictive, which is perfect for dabbing. Female nails tend to drip reclaim on the outside of the joint and are notorious for getting stuck to the glass, but that can be prevented with proper care. Male nails are fantastic, but titanium nails are better off in a drop-down to prevent expanding the glass. With all these factors playing a role, it’s imperative to always research your options to figure out what you’re really looking for.

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