How to choose the glass dab rigs?

May 10, 2017

There are many dab rigs in the market, To make yourself get the imaginable best hits, you must learn how to choose the glass dab rigs. I list some important points, such as size, design, construction and filtration. Just consider these factors, smoking dabs will be an amazing experience.

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The general goal when inhaling a dab is to only have JUST enough space and water to keep the vapor from being super hot when inhaled. Given the chemistry of oil vapor, too much water can run the risk of taking away some of your dab. As such, most dabbers opt for smaller rigs, which are also easier to handle alongside a torch and dabber.

While most prefer a small pipe for dabbing, don’t count out buying a larger rig, possibly as a secondary pipe. A big concern with dabbing is overheating your piece, which can weaken it over time. With a bigger bong, your torch is further away from the majority of your pipe, meaning it has more protection from the heat.

There are plenty of dab rig designs, each with their own benefits. As mentioned before, you generally want to look for smaller dab rigs that have less volume. Rigs with small chambers would be best, like the puck rig. The puck rig is an especially great design for dabbing since its low body means that the moment your vapor bubbles up, it will go straight to your mouth for maximum flavor. Nano rigs are also popular choices. If you opt for a regular bong-sized rig, we’d suggest a straight tube, as you want to have as unobstructed a path as possible for your vapor.

Given the nature of dabbing, the way a dab rig is built is more important than most water pipes. The use of the torch requires a durable piece that can be safely used. Once again, smaller bongs are easier to handle but bigger ones can better withstand heat, so that’s something you’ll have figure out for yourself. No matter what, your pipe should be made of scientific grade borosilicate glass, which is designed to withstand the heat of a torch. You alway want to make sure that the bong is especially stable. Look for a piece with a low center of gravity, sturdy base and thick glass. A 90 degree joint and bent neck allows you to keep your rig on the table as you safely heat the nail.

One of the most important features of a good dab rig is minimal filtration. Oil resin is much stickier than tobacco resin, which means that the more glass that stands in the way of vapor, the less potency you’ll get from an inhale. You’ll also have a harder time cleaning your piece. Your rig’s perc should be simple and singular: no more than one inline perc or fixed downstem. Stay away from pieces with multiple or complex percs such as matrix or barrel percs. Despite a complex appearance, fab eggs still make for great dab rigs as their percolation systems aren’t particularly tight.

OK, make these in mind deeply and head to to choose your favourite dab rigs immediately!

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