Glass Bongs: Tips You Need To Keep In Mind

October 17, 2017

While the original bongs made centuries ago, were mostly of bamboo, ceramic, and later acrylic. Glass bongs and glass water pipes quickly became and stayed the most popular option for smokers after their inception. There are many cheap glass bongs for sale, The first time I picked up a glass bong, I found myself in awe. It’s a colorful bong. The look of the colors in the glass, the feel of it, the sound it made when you ripped it – it was pure magic. From then on, I fell in love with everything that makes a glass bong what it is, but I didn’t learn what I know now overnight. It took some time, some heartbreak, and some mistakes to learn all I know about glass bongs. You shouldn’t have to go through all of that though so this post will tell you all I know about glass bongs!

Weed Glass Bongs

Weed Glass Bongs

Get to Learn More About Your Glass Bongs

Right after you buy your piece, you’ll likely be swept away by its beauty. This is okay, but before your initial session, take some time to know your piece a bit. Here are some things you should learn about it:

Glass Bongs Downstem

Every bong has a downstem either built into the piece or made as a removable part of the whole unit. Whatever the case may be, know your downstem. Know the size of the joint, know the length of it, know the angle, know what kind of diffusion it has. Not all these criteria will be important for all pieces, but the moment you walk into a head shop and see a downstem you really love and you think it will fit perfectly with your bong, so you buy it and it does, you’ll thank me.

Glass Bongs Downstem

Glass Bongs Downstem

Glass Bongs  joint size

Knowing your downstem’s size can sometimes be very different from knowing the size of your bong’s joint. Some have an 18mm joint with a downstem that converts it from 18mm to 14mm. In that case, it would be worth knowing because you could ideally fit a 18mm bowl into your piece by bypassing the downstem, or you could just buy a 14mm bowl. This greatly increases your options when buying bongs accessories for your piece.

Glass Bongs Are Fragile, Be Careful

You might be under the impression that glass bongs are super durable. Maybe you’re just a bit more careless after a few rips. Whatever your situation, it’s important to hold this in mind: it’s glass! The whole damn thing is glass! When push comes to shove, it could have been blown by the Dalai Lama, it will break with a solid enough impact on ANYTHING. So do include your dabber? Yup. How about your lighter? Yup. What about your face? You bet your ass it will be! Take care when you handle your glass in all situations and make sure you have a ritual built into your sessions that protects your beautiful pieces of smokeable art. Otherwise, you’ll become intimately acquainted with the concept of a “buzz-kill.”

Clean Your Glass Water Pipes Regularly

You love your piece and that will likely result in it getting pretty dirty. When you notice it’s seeming sort of grungy, wash her up a bit. She’s treated you well and now it’s time you treat her well! This does a few things for your glass piece:It saves it from smelling too much. The less you clean it, the smellier it will be.

It saves it from smelling too much. The less you clean it, the smellier it will be.
It saves it looking nice. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that goes with using a clean bong. It’s nice to bring her back to look as glorious as the day you bought her now and then, right?
This can be made either with a cleaning solution of your choice, or you can also use isopropyl alcohol and salt. It works wonders, put some of both in your bong and shakes it like a salt shaker. Pour it out and rinse out all the remaining ice and salt and all that grime will go with it!

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Store it in a Soft, Safe Place

Your kitchen or dining room or living room table is a crappy place to keep your bong. You’re one terrible morning, tired/drunken night or careless afternoon away from glass shards everywhere. Find a place to store it that’s out of the way of regular traffic in your place to keep it safe and that’s pliable so it’s surrounded by as much padding as possible if something unexpected should happen. It should probably be part of your ritual to bring it back in its place after you’re done your session.

It’s always a downer when you have to replace a loved glass bong because you or one of your friends were careless. It’s a great way to kill your vibe and your wallet at the same time, so ensure that you have study up on how to keep yourself out of situations that could lead to a broken bong and a broken heart. Ensure that you check back on this post as we’ll be adding to it in the future to make it a comprehensive guide to purchasing and owning a glass bong!

Glass Bongs provide a smooth, cooled and filtered smoke that’s easy on the lungs. Stoners love it very much, If you’re a fresh hand, i think you should use small glass bongs. It’s easy to use and portable. There are many mini bongs for sale online, I believe it’s not difficult to find cheap bongs free shipping!

Mini Bongs for Sale

Mini Bongs for Sale


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