Do you know how to test the strength and durability of your bongs?

March 13, 2017

Do you know how to test the strength and durability of your glass water bongs? I think though many stoners still don’t
know the ways to test it.I will tell you my experience and explain somthing for you.You don’t need to bang
it against a hard surface.

My previous experience with using these smoking tools is enough to confidently say that they are a must buy
for any stoner out there, whether you are use to rolling your own joints or you struggle, bongs arethe best
method for inhaling your smoke by far. It is quicker, it is tastier and it is more convenient. Not to
mention it is fun and interested and can easily become a collecting hobby.

Bongs are currently the best way to smoke, but every year we are greeted by a new type of marijuana gadget
that blows our mind! Granted these are always very expensive and not often mobile or pocket size, but they
are pretty damn cool. To improve on this even more consider adding a bong bowl to your piece, it will
really make it stand out and be more unique.

TORO glass bong with double arm tree perc s134

TORO glass bong with double arm tree perc s134

The most important factor is these two points:

Firstly the bong needs to be blown by a professional glass blower. If it was made by an unbranded ‘company’
then it is most likely not going to be high quality. Think of it this way; If you made something you were
truly proud of, wouldn’t you want to put your name on it?

The second reason comes next. The wall/thickness of the glass used to make the bong should be a minimum of
4 mm. But, even if it is 8-9 mm in thickness it does not mean it is a quality bong. See the reason above
for this. A good well known brand of bongs such as DankDust will always use at least 4mm glass for their
bongs. So I would strongly recommend you to go with any glass bong from their line.

Can you understand? If can’t, please leave comment to us. we will explain it to you again! However, we still need to protect our bongs and put it in a “safe” place.

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