Cool Glass Water Bongs for Sale Online with Cheap Canabis is Better for Smoking

April 26, 2017

Smoking canabis with water bongs can give us better pleasure. however, many people are confused which kind of canabis do they really need. Does high price or cheap canabis seed can meet their demand? i will give you a detailed analysis.

There has always been a stigma attached to buying cheap cannabis seeds online, many growers think that the more they spend on their weed seeds the better yield and flavor the plant will bear. This thought path goes way beyond cheap cannabis seeds and is often applied to every day life situations, whether it is buying food, smoking tools such as bongs, or anything else. But I can tell you I have personally spent years on weed growing forums and have seen all sorts of money spent on seeds, free giveaways or £40 a seed, I’ve seen my fair share that is for sure.

Details on Cheap Cannabis Seeds vs Expensive ones

Here is a quick example; A member of a weed forum spent £7 on a pick’n’mix seed from StickySeeds. It was a feminized blueberry from a random seed bank that I can’t remember the name of. I subscribed to his grow journal as like many people, I have a passion for cheap blueberry cannabis seeds. At the same time another grower had bought some of the most expensive cannabis seeds around, I think they were called the doggies nuts, I had wanted to try them for ages because the price made me curious, but I wasn’t silly enough to waste my own money to try them out.

So they both had a great veg and luckily they flipped in to flower at the same time, around 4-5 weeks from seed. The cheap cannabis seeds really surprised me as they began to flower a full week before the expensive ones. But this is not enough of a reason to say the cheap cannabis seeds were any better. I personally would never say a seed is better purely because it flowers quicker, I do not like to rush and I prefer quality over speed.

So how did it all end

Well, to cut a potentially long story short I will tell you that the cheap cannabis seeds matched the expensive ones in weight, both yielded four ounces dry and were grown in hydro using the same style and food. I would say from the pictures that both of them looked really dense and high quality, obviously I could not try them out first hand but it was obvious that they were strong strains with high THC. So with a huge difference of $33 per seed I would have to say go for the cheaper cannabis seeds, if you can afford it I would run your own tests and buy both feminized, but if you have limited space and funds then I suggest the lower priced ones.

Last but not least, choose a better smoking accessories are also very important, hasmoke has many kind of cool glass water bongs for sale on line. Don’t hesitate to shop now!

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cool bongs for sale

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