Looking for Honeycomb Bongs for Sale?
Glass Bongs / November 8, 2017

Do you know anything about honeycomb bong? Honeycomb bong is one of the percolator bongs. Honeycomb perc water pipes contain a type of disk perc, that looks like a honeycomb. It has a lot more diffusion than a standard perc because it contains dozens of small holes that further diffuse and divide the smoke that passes through them. It’s quite simple, the more holes the better the diffusion, honeycomb bongs are great because they have zero drag and great flavor. It is important the holes must be the correct size because large holes won’t filter the smoke efficiently and small holes will create too much drag. Honeycomb Percolators are some of our best sellers! Help You Look for Honeycomb Bongs! Searching for a honeycomb bong for sale? I’ve got you covered! Cool, you already know that you are looking for a honeycomb bong for sale but you are not sure where to buy your new baby. I can imagine, there are a lot of different online head shops that offer honeycomb bongs nowadays. Most of the online head shops offer great quality bongs but there are other factors you should consider before you buy bongs online. First of all it is…

Best Dab Rigs for Sale Online Free Shipping 2017
Glass Bongs / August 23, 2017

Nowadays there are many dab rigs for sale online, it’s easy for stoners to buy cheap dab rigs, however, many fresh smokers don’t know how to get high-cost performance best oil rigs. Today, hasmoke online glass shop will list 5 affordable dab rigs for sale online free shipping 2017 for you! Follow us, you can always buy the dab rigs for sale cheap. 1. Oil drum dab rig This wonderful oil drum dab rig is a funky and functional piece of glass work. The cylindrical shape mirrors the look of a real life oil barrel and is offered in different glass colors. The 14mm male ground joint is topped off with a 14mm female vapor dome with a quartz concentrate nail, and the frosted logo finishes the piece. The included vapor dome and nail means this rig is ready to use out of the box, carefully heat the nail part and allow the dome to trap vapor for those milky shots 2. Palm dab rig The palm design dab rig is a striking piece with a milk design and great functionality. It features a 14mm male ground joint. The design allows for a large volume of water coming in contact with…

The Styles of Glass Bongs
Glass Bongs / June 10, 2017

Hasmoke will introduce some types of glass bongs to you. Have you prepared for it now? I can give you four examples. I think this will strengthen the understand of bongs. 1. Standard Bongs Regular glass bongs are as simple as they come. It consists of a slide, downstem, base, tube, and mouthpiece. Some even come with ice pinches so you can cool down the smoke even more. You just fill the base with water past the slits in the downstem, pack a bowl and you should be good to go.   2.Percolator Bong A Percolator Bong is a bong that cools your smoke in multiple compartments filled with water. There are many different types of percolators, but the main purpose behind all of them is to break the smoke up into smaller particles to create more surface area. More surface area creates a cooler smoke, which in turn creates a smoother hit. When you first begin taking a hit, the smokes travels down the downstem and into the water, only to enter more water in the the percolator and then begin filling up the main chamber for you to clear. Some pieces even come with multiple percs for a…

How to choose the glass dab rigs?
Glass Bongs / May 10, 2017

There are many dab rigs in the market, To make yourself get the imaginable best hits, you must learn how to choose the glass dab rigs. I list some important points, such as size, design, construction and filtration. Just consider these factors, smoking dabs will be an amazing experience. size The general goal when inhaling a dab is to only have JUST enough space and water to keep the vapor from being super hot when inhaled. Given the chemistry of oil vapor, too much water can run the risk of taking away some of your dab. As such, most dabbers opt for smaller rigs, which are also easier to handle alongside a torch and dabber. While most prefer a small pipe for dabbing, don’t count out buying a larger rig, possibly as a secondary pipe. A big concern with dabbing is overheating your piece, which can weaken it over time. With a bigger bong, your torch is further away from the majority of your pipe, meaning it has more protection from the heat. design There are plenty of dab rig designs, each with their own benefits. As mentioned before, you generally want to look for smaller dab rigs that have less…

Advantages of Smoking with Glass Water Bongs
Glass Bongs / April 5, 2017

Smoking with a water pipe is a relatively speaking health lifestyle. It can filter the smoke and give people a big hit. Sounds great! It’s a balance between health and entertainment. Below are some advantages of smoking with glass water bongs. ŸNewcomer friendly: A water pipe is a somewhat easier way for newcomers to try smoking. The bubbles the pipe produces during inhalation make the smoke smoother on the throat than the average cigarette or cigar. Shallower breaths for much shorter time periods can help a newcomer ease into the experience of smoking for the first time. Smoother smoke: The main reason why many smokers might opt for a water pipe is purely because they won’t irritate the smoker’s throat like cigarettes, roll up tobacco or cigars can. Warm water kills off any bacteria in the smoke, offering a cleaner inhalation while cool water will subsequently cool it. This can reduce exposure to common smoking-related conditions such as bronchitis when used in moderation. Using a glass water pipe: Unlike a homemade plastic or aluminum one, a glass water pipe can help reduce the additional chemicals water pipes are often criticized for exposing consumers to. ŸAlways clean your water pipe after…

the basic structure of glass pipes and bongs
Glass Bongs / March 28, 2017

The basic structure of a glass water pipe include bowl, carb, downstem, base and tube. I will introduce the importance of these basic structure to you! 1. Bowl The bowl is the enlarged attachment where the dried form of tobacco undergoes combustion. It is almost always detachable, permitting the function as a convenient pull-out or sliding carburetor. 2. Carb/Carburetor The carb which is an abbreviated form of the carburetor is a minute hole that enables the smoker to be able to clear the entire chamber of smoke. Generally, the most common form of carb that appears on glass bongs is a pull-out or slide-out carb, which is opened when the bowl is detached from the device. 3. Downstem The downstream is the minute tube that has the smoke travel conveniently from the bowl to the base, where it gradually filters through water and is purified. 4. Base The base forms the very foundation of a glass water pipe and comes in a variety of shapes, mainly based on the style of the bong. The chamber containing water is often shaped in the triangular or circular shape, in which the smoke is gradually cooled with its passage through the water. 5….

Why people enjoy smoking from a bong?
Glass Bongs / March 22, 2017

Some new to smoking are curious about the bong, they can’t understand why some stoners enjoy smoking from a bong. Hasmoke will list two basic reasons to explain this. Why Bongs are Awesome 1. It gives a smoother hit. Whether it’s through the pipe or a joint, smoking weed can be harsh on a person’s throat and/or lungs. The reason why people get that awful painful sensation in their throat is because of the heat. When people inhale smoke through a joint or a pipe, the smoke’s temperature is actually quite high. It’s the reason why smoking from a joint or pipe, especially for first-timers, can be so rough. A bong is different simply because the water in it cools down the smoke. Lowering the smoke’s temperature makes for a very mild hit that doesn’t do a lot of damage on a person’s throat or lungs. 2. It makes the owner look like he really knows his stuff. Some people simply prefer bongs because hey, it makes them look like they really know their stuff. These are the enthusiasts. They are just so into smoking weed that they want to show that off by using a water pipe. The above…

Professional Manufacturer Tells You The Usage of Bong!
Glass Bongs / March 8, 2017

Do you know how to use a bong? Maybe many people can do the right example. With the development of lifestyle, it’s common for smokers to use a bong. As the professional manufacture of glass bongs, hasmoke has the duty to popularize the knowledge about using a bong in few steps.Please follow me and learn carefully!Step 1. Fill the bong with water until it covers the downstem. Usually half of the water tank filled with water is fine. The more water you have the harder you will have to pull the smoke through. Temperature is not really important. You will figure out what is the best for you. It is also great to add few ice cubes to your bong. Its optional though but only for bongs with an ice holder. Step 2. Pull the bowl out of the bong, otherwise you could accidentally knock it and break, and pack it loosely with your favorite smoking herbs. Do not pack it too tight and over the top edge cause you wouldn′t get the air through it. Step 3. Put the downstem back in the bong and hold the bong securely in your hand. Step 4. Place your mouth over the…