Best Dab Rigs for Sale Online Free Shipping 2017

August 23, 2017

Nowadays there are many dab rigs for sale online, it’s easy for stoners to buy cheap dab rigs, however, many fresh smokers don’t know how to get high-cost performance best oil rigs. Today, hasmoke online glass shop will list 5 affordable dab rigs for sale online free shipping 2017 for you! Follow us, you can always buy the dab rigs for sale cheap.

1. Oil drum dab rig

This wonderful oil drum dab rig is a funky and functional piece of glass work. The cylindrical shape mirrors the look of a real life oil barrel and is offered in different glass colors. The 14mm male ground joint is topped off with a 14mm female vapor dome with a quartz concentrate nail, and the frosted logo finishes the piece. The included vapor dome and nail means this rig is ready to use out of the box, carefully heat the nail part and allow the dome to trap vapor for those milky shots

2. Palm dab rig

The palm design dab rig is a striking piece with a milk design and great functionality. It features a 14mm male ground joint. The design allows for a large volume of water coming in contact with your hit.Its small size makes it fairly portable.

3. Blue straight glass bong with 3 honeycomb percolators

This pure glass water bong features three honeycomb percolators. Watch your smoke filter three times over as you inhale the silky smooth hits. The stemless design makes this glass pipe easy to clean. it features a 14mm female joint and is available with blue accents. Select the appropriate option above to use this glass water pipe for legal oils & concentrates dry herbs and tobacco, or both

4. Double recycler dab rig with honeycomb perc

This double recycler dab rig looks like a cake. With your vapor being recycled twice and going through a honeycomb perc simultaneously, your vapor is filtered numerous times before it is out of the bent neck and flared mouthpiece. The recycler runs some more things besides filter your vapor. The second chamber works as a splash guard so no water will make it to the mouthpiece. Both of the recyclers help you have an awesome smoke experience.

5. Thick Puck Dab Rig

This mini 10 mm puck rig from Nexus Glass is perfect for anyone looking forward to adding a portable and discreet dab rig to their glass collection. The 10 mm male joint leads to a fixed downstem and there is a small bent neck mouthpiece branching off the puck chamber. The color accented mouthpiece is added the great finishing touch to this convenient concentrate rig. It also features a Nexus Glass logo on the front of the chamber. Available in your choice of green slime or pink accents.

Generally speaking, above 5 cheap dab rigs are the most affordable items, wish all of the stoners can inhale the silky smooth hits and enjoy smoking deeply! If you still want to know how to look for the best dab rigs for sale online, you can click here!

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